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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Poem Book

By Rev. LaDonna Sanders Nkosi

The Poet RevL positions our gaze to look into the soul of a matter and challenges us to see ourselves and the world around us differently.


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made weaves the message of healing racism from the inside out into each poem.


This work is emotive, enlightening, and beautifully crafted, leaving you wanting more of this gifted Poet's words.


Rev. LaDonna speaks to the core of the human soul releasing a healing balm of self-love and acceptance, leaving you enveloped in the love of your Creator.


From the intensely self-aware and moving homage to South Africa in 'Remembering South Africa' to the impassioned 'The White Gaze'. Each poem takes us on a self-reflective, introspective journey of connection, identity, godly value, and worth. Provoking the reader to perceive the simple truth. It is only in remembering who we are in God, will we see each other clearly without filters or skin-color-tinted glasses.

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